Rate Speeches Public Speaking Timer
This is a free online public speaking timer, which allows you to time various public speaking activities. Click on the desired link below to use the timer of your choice.
Public Speaking Timer
Speech Timer
Speaking Timer
Informative Speech Timer
Informative Speaking Timer
Informative Presentation Timer
Persuasive Speech Timer
Persuasive Speaking Timer
Persuasive Presentation Timer
Impromptu Timer
Impromptu Speech Timer
Impromptu Speaking Timer
Entertaining Speech Timer
Expository Speech Timer
Expository Speaking Timer
Expository Timer
Expos Speech Timer
Expos Speaking Timer
Expos Timer
Narrative Speech Timer
Personal Narrative Speech Timer
Demonstration Speech Timer
Demonstrative Speech Timer
How-to Speech Timer
Oratory Timer
Oratory Speech Timer
Oratory Speaking Timer
Original Oratory Timer
Original Oratory Speech Timer
Original Oratory Speaking Timer
OO Timer
OO Speech Timer
OO Speaking Timer
Advocacy Timer
Advocacy Speech Timer
Advocacy Speaking Timer
Original Advocacy Timer
Original Advocacy Speech Timer
Original Advocacy Speaking Timer
OA Timer
OA Speech Timer
OA Speaking Timer
Presentation Timer
Presentation Speech Timer
Oral Presentation Timer
School Speech Timer
Speech Class Timer
Public Speaking Class Timer
Public Speaking Test Timer
Public Speaking Exam Timer
Speech to Inform Timer
Speech to Persuade Timer
Speech to Entertain Timer
Toastmasters Speech Timer
Toastmasters Table Timer
Toastmaster Speech Timer
Toastmaster Table Timer
Toastmasters Timer
Current Events Timer
Current Events Speech Timer
Current Events Speaking Timer
Extemporaneous Timer
Extemporaneous Speech Timer
Extemporaneous Speaking Timer
Extemp Timer
Extemp Speech Timer
Extemp Speaking Timer
Informative Extemporaneous Timer
Informative Extemporaneous Speech Timer
Informative Extemporaneous Speaking Timer
Informative Extemp Timer
Informative Extemp Speech Timer
Informative Extemp Speaking Timer
Persuasive Extemporaneous Timer
Persuasive Extemporaneous Speech Timer
Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking Timer
Persuasive Extemp Timer
Persuasive Extemp Speech Timer
Persuasive Extemp Speaking Timer
Domestic Extemporaneous (DX) Timer
Domestic Extemporaneous (DX) Speech Timer
Domestic Extemporaneous (DX) Speaking Timer
Domestic Extemp (DX) Timer
Domestic Extemp (DX) Speech Timer
Domestic Extemp (DX) Speaking Timer
Domestic Policy Extemporaneous (DX) Timer
Domestic Policy Extemporaneous (DX) Speech Timer
Domestic Policy Extemporaneous (DX) Speaking Timer
Domestic Policy Extemp (DX) Timer
Domestic Policy Extemp (DX) Speech Timer
Domestic Policy Extemp (DX) Speaking Timer
United States Extemporaneous (USX) Timer
United States Extemporaneous (USX) Speech Timer
United States Extemporaneous (USX) Speaking Timer
United States Extemp (USX) Timer
United States Extemp (USX) Speech Timer
United States Extemp (USX) Speaking Timer
US Extemporaneous (USX) Timer
US Extemporaneous (USX) Speech Timer
US Extemporaneous (USX) Speaking Timer
US Extemp (USX) Timer
US Extemp (USX) Speech Timer
US Extemp (USX) Speaking Timer
Foreign Extemporaneous (FX) Timer
Foreign Extemporaneous (FX) Speech Timer
Foreign Extemporaneous (FX) Speaking Timer
Foreign Extemp (FX) Timer
Foreign Extemp (FX) Speech Timer
Foreign Extemp (FX) Speaking Timer
Foreign Policy Extemporaneous (FX) Timer
Foreign Policy Extemporaneous (FX) Speech Timer
Foreign Policy Extemporaneous (FX) Speaking Timer
Foreign Policy Extemp (FX) Timer
Foreign Policy Extemp (FX) Speech Timer
Foreign Policy Extemp (FX) Speaking Timer
International Extemporaneous (IX) Timer
International Extemporaneous (IX) Speech Timer
International Extemporaneous (IX) Speaking Timer
International Extemp (IX) Timer
International Extemp (IX) Speech Timer
International Extemp (IX) Speaking Timer
International Policy Extemporaneous (IX) Timer
International Policy Extemporaneous (IX) Speech Timer
International Policy Extemporaneous (IX) Speaking Timer
International Policy Extemp (IX) Timer
International Policy Extemp (IX) Speech Timer
International Policy Extemp (IX) Speaking Timer